Simon Owen-Johnstone


Elbow Symptoms


Whether the pain is at the front, the back, the inside or outside tells a lot about the likely cause 


Particular diagnosis cause elbows not to bend, straighten or rotate 


elbows can dislocate 


in the City of London, a lump on the back of the elbow in someone who works at a desk is quite common . It’s an Olecranon Bursa



Elbow Conditions

Tennis Elbow

The commonest elbow pain, due to inbuilt repair of degenerating tendons on the outside. Surprisingly difficult to treat

Biceps tendonitis

a power lifters disease, affecting the biceps tendon at the front of the elbow 

Olecranon Bursitis

a large lump on the back of the elbow , full of fluid , scares children 

Elbow Treatments


The mainstay of treatment for tennis elbow . Good evidence for it , but it does take a long time

Pulsed Radiofrequency denervation

electrical treatment to alter the sensory nerves in the tendon causing tennis elbow 

Ligament Recontruction

after dislocation sometimes there is so much ligament damage that a repair is needed. The radial head is typically fractured and may need rebuilding or replacing 


used by some doctors for tennis elbow; I’m not a fan 

Tennis elbow repair

Rarely , the damage to the tendons is bad enough that a surgical repair is the best solution 

Elbow arthroscopy

some problems in the inside of the joint can be treated via keyhole surgery 

Find patient guidance at the British Elbow and Shoulder Society web pages: