Simon Owen-Johnstone

"a surgeon is a physician who has the added ability operate"


Having qualified from Leicester Medical School in 1993, I spent a year as an Anatomy Demonstrator, passed the Primary FRCS, became a junior doctor in Norwich, then two years later joined the prestigious Percivall Pott Rotation. 


I was appointed a Consultant Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgeon at Barts and the Royal London in 2004. HEMS helicopter kept bringing major trauma, including those injured by the 2005 7/7 bombing. By 2011 I had become the Lead Clinician. Then I decided my future lay beyond the NHS.

Private Practice

I started private practise at the London Independent Hospital in 2004 and then at London Bridge Hospital in 2005. Leaving the Royal London meant the trip to Stepney was time-consuming, so I concentrated at London Bridge for a few years, punctuated with clinics at the Lister, Sevenoaks, City of London at Tower Hill, and 31 Old Broad St. I joined London Orthopaedic Clinic in 2015 and stayed there until One Welbeck opened this year.

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Finding your diagnosis

I’ll bring my training, experience and knowledge

Be a resource for you

Provide you information

Help you sort your problem out

Giving you options

Give you information

Share my experience

Give you guidance

Advise you

Give you time to explore the choices

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Make your plan

I’ll make recommendations

Explain the consequences of action and inaction

Help you choose what to do

Share the journey with you

With Physios

Collaborative working

Respecting your opinion

Giving you diagnostic and management assistance

Discussing the role of surgery

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With Sports Docs

Give the help you asked for

Take care of your patient on your behalf

Know what to do next

Keep you concisely in the loop

We’re similar but you can Ultrasound, I can operate